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Quality Phone Repair Service in Rochester, NY

Mobile technology has become an integral part of modern society. Many people rely on their cellphones, tablets, and other relatable electronics for all sorts of reasons, from work-related to entertainment to just listening to some tunes. If you have a device that is severely damaged, you should call a professional, such as We Fix All, who can take care of the issues you have. Luckily for the residents of Rochester, NY, they have me as their electronic repair expert.

My Services

Mobile Phone Repair

Mobile Phone Repair
I am a professional in fixing all sorts of issues concerning different brands of cell phones. I can replace dead batteries, severely damaged phone screens, faulty buttons, and much more on iPhones, Samsung, LG, Motorola, and other mobile devices you have. I promise excellent results. 

Laptop Motherboard Repairs

Laptop Motherboard Repairs
The motherboard is responsible for ensuring proper communication between the different parts of your laptop. If your laptop won't start or doesn't have any power at all, the reason behind this may very well be a faulty motherboard. Let me have a look! I know how to address any issue and safely replace any laptop motherboard.  

Tablet Repair

Tablet Repair
Do you have a broken tablet? Before you consider buying a new one, you may want to consult with a qualified technician, such as myself, on whether or not your current tablet can make it a few more rounds. I will thoroughly check and do all the repairs I can to make your tablet run smoothly, once again.

Phone Unlock

Phone Unlock
Unlocking your cell phone will grant you access to other phone carriers.  If you have tried different ways to unlock your cell phone and failed, you can turn to me. I have years of experience in unlocking phones, and I have numerous happy customers to prove the quick and efficient phone unlock services I provide. 

Phone Trading

Phone Trading
If you are no longer satisfied with your current phone, you can always trade it for something that fits your tastes. Many people switch from Android to Apple and vice versa. Whether you have a Samsung that you wish to trade for an iPhone or the other way around, you can turn to me.  

Laptop Repair

Laptop Repair
I am a laptop technician who can handle various repairs concerning your portable PC. I can address screen repairs, keyboard repairs, as well as interior hardware replacements, software updates, and so much more to get your laptop working at optimum efficiency.

Gaming Console Repair

Gaming Console Repair
There are various issues that could arise regarding your gaming console. Whether you have a faulty HDMI port, the controllers are not responding, or there is a disc drive problem that prevents you from playing, you can turn to me. I know how to service different consoles, from Nintendo to Xbox, PS5s, and many others.

Quick and Quality 

My phone repair and other services are available to some of the most famous brands out there. Whether you have an iPhone with a broken screen, a Samsung laptop in need of a laptop motherboard repair service, or want to trade in your Motorola cellphone for a new one, I am your guy. I work on all cellphone and laptop repairs with high-quality parts at my disposal. I also offer an extensive variety of offers for your trading needs, making sure the devices I offer, match your tastes and requirements. 

Consider the Pros 

Taking your phone, laptop, tablet, or any other piece of electronics down to the store where you bought it might take the technicians there weeks, even months, to have it fixed. Fortunately for most of my clients, they get their devices done in a timely manner. Other than quick laptop and phone repair services, I also focus on quality when servicing any piece of technology. In addition, I strive to provide budget-friendly rates. I guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Available In and Around 

The electronics repair, as well as the other services that We Fix All provides, have benefited many people with broken phones, laptops, tablets, and other devices in the following regions:

  • Rush, NY;
  • Mendon, NY;
  • Fairport, NY;
  • Honeoye Falls, NY;
  • Scottsville, NY

Contact my company in Rochester, NY if you are interested in the mobile phone unlock service, trading solutions, or laptop repairs I provide. I’m looking forward to your call. Get in touch today!


May 8, 2022
Trading phones and repair services LLC

I’m overwhelmed.very versatile ,affordable and informative team that provided quality services and materials.the most fast repair place I ever been too ..

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